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Tuesday, November 2 — Quit reading this and go vote!

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In Illinois, if you wear a T-shirt with this image on it, you may not be allowed to vote. Click on the image for the full story.

  • NASA issues superhero suits: The see-through version, though, should be banned, or at least banned from use by men. Or maybe just that one guy wearing it in the photo. Way too much information, no thanks. (Sexist pig that I am, I’d be OK with women wearing those, of course. That might help improve the abysmal ratings of the NASA Channel.)
  • How to estimate the size of a crowd: Saturday’s Jon Stewart / Stephen Colbert rally in Washington, D.C. naturally brought forth the question of how it compared with the Glen Beck rally on August 28, particularly which one was bigger. So how does one estimate such things?
    There’s never a shortage of guesses about things like this, including by the news media, but it turns out there is a method for doing this, based on photographs, maps, and some standard estimation factors established by the National Park Service. See this article for an explanation of how one veteran crowd estimator does it and, based on that methodology, a comparison of the two events. Note that, based on this mathematical method, the CBS News estimates for both events – apparently no more than WAGs — were way off.
  • Is Obama a Keynesian? That was the question the comedy group Second City Network posed to a number of participants at the Stewart / Colbert media event. Since many signs at the event self-proclaimed that they are the intelligent, the sane, the educated (implying, I suppose, that those at the similar Tea Party event in August were not), this should be an easy question, no? Here’s the video.
    Apparently many of the sophisticates at the Stewart / Colbert event didn’t know the difference between a Kenyan (meaning someone born in Kenya) and a Keynesian.
  • TV news director commits big boo-boo: In Alaska, Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller, supported by the local Tea Party movement, is leading in a hotly-contested three-way election. Then yesterday news director Nick McDermott of local CBS affiliate KTVA called someone in the Joe Miller campaign, left a voice mail, inadvertently failed to hang up the phone properly, and for a couple of minutes the Miller campaign staffer’s voice mail ended up recording the rather shocking discussion going on in the KTVA news room. Here’s what it revealed.
  • For you iPhone users: In the item above, news director / co-conspirator Nick McDermott was using an iPhone. This is not the first time this election season that an iPhone that did not hang up properly created a very embarrassing political moment. Your humble correspondent is ignorant of the ways of iPhones (being a happy Droid user), but what gives here? Is it so hard to hang up an iPhone properly?
  • Evil” apps for iPhone and Android phones: Well, they’re not that evil, but they’re things the phone company never wanted you to have, some of them very, very useful. See “evil” apps for iPhone (most of these will work on iPads too), “evil” apps for Android phones. And remember this about power and responsibility.
  • This studly hunk says that if women enjoyed sex like men do, "Women would go and hang around in churchyards thinking, “God, I’ve got to get my ******* rocks off”, or they’d go to Hampstead Heath and meet strangers to s**g behind a bush."

  • Would you recognize these symptoms: They can come on fairly suddenly, may not last very long, then go away with no discernible after-effects. What do they indicate?
    • Speech problems, slurred speech, or difficulty speaking or comprehending
    • Paralysis and weakness, which may occur in a leg or arm or in the face
    • Vision problems, such as double vision or loss of vision (may be in one eye or both)
    • Balance problems, including losing your balance, difficulty walking, and losing coordination
    • Headache, which is usually severe and with no known cause

Even though the symptoms may go away completely and the person may indicate everything is OK now, these symptom likely indicate an immediately life-threatening condition. See this for what they indicate and what you should do immediately.

  • Did you know that women don’t really enjoy sex? That’s what this man said, and he’s famous. He’s also been called “the cleverest man in Britain” (not sure by whom) and he’s equally famous for his sexuality, so how could he be wrong?
  • Do NOT show this to your kids: It’s not lewd or profane but, believe me, you don’t want your kids to see it. No, you really don’t.
  • That’s all for today. And now, if you haven’t already, GO VOTE!!!

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November 2, 2010 at 4:39 pm

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